About This Site

I love puzzles. I’ve been solving them for as long as I can remember, and now I’ve discovered the joy of constructing them for others to solve.

Puzzles are an amazing invention. I live for the challenge that a puzzle presents – there’s no comparison to the satisfaction I feel when I’ve filled in the last square of a Saturday NYT crossword or filled in the final box of a nonagram or extracted the cleartext from a secret message. I love the many different ways that puzzles exercise my brain. And most of all, I enjoy the company of all of the fellow puzzleheads I’ve met throughout the years.

I created this site to help you find that experience for yourself and to give that experience to others. Here, you’ll find resources for solving and creating puzzles as well as joining the global community of puzzleheads. My own random musings will surely appear here along the way.

I’m always interested in ways to make this site better – please let me know how I can continue to make this a more valuable resource for you.


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