Geodyssey Update #5: Diving into the Prize Pool


I’ve got an important announcement to make about Geodyssey this coming Monday (Feb 29). I’ll give you a hint: you absolutely won’t want to miss it. Watch the blog, the Facebook group, and the mailing list for details.

Eyeses on the Prizes

The final prizes for the Geodyssey contest arrived this week! I’m giving away copies of book Puzzlecraft, sets of secret decoder pencils from the Maze of Games Kickstarter project, cool swag from the Geocaching Puzzle of the Day, and some mystery unactivated geocoins from my personal collection.

If you’ve got something you think would be cool to add to the prize pool, please let me know.

So far, two people entered the Local Challenge contest, 22 entered the Remote Challenge contest, and 17 entered the Hidden Challenge contest. So your chances of winning are still quite good (well, at least, way better than your chances of winning the Powerball drawing).

Geodyssey in the News

Geodyssey has been getting some mad props from other online media, including:

The full list of mentions of which I’m aware is here. Please let me know if you’ve found Geodyssey mentioned somewhere on the internet so I can add it to the list.


That’s it for this update. See you back here on Leap Day!

Author: Eric Peterson

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