Geodyssey Update #1: She’s Leaving Home

Good Morning, Good Morning

Geodyssey is off to a great start! Since Friday, the site has had over 11,000 page views from more than 1,000 users in 36 different countries. It even earned a mention on the Geocaching Puzzle of the Day site.

Some of the early feedback I’ve received:

  • “It’s a lovely set of puzzles! Thanks for the fun!”
  • “This was fun and amazing. We completely enjoyed it!”
  • “A thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish.”

Please help spread the word about Geodyssey to your fellow puzzleheads by forwarding this message and reposting on your social media network of choice.

Fixing a Hole

As people began using the site, I did my best to listen to all of your comments, direct and indirect. Thanks to you, I was able to patch some bugs in the way some directions were worded, add additional clarification where some was needed, and add some convenience links to help you spend more time solving and less time clicking and typing. If you see an issue, please use the Contact form on the site to let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it right ASAP.

Also, on February 2, Groundspeak switched the format of the log entries on Instead of enhancing entries with raw HTML, the logs now use the Wikipedia-style Markdown syntax. This had the unfortunate side-effect of breaking the Remote Challenge clues. I’ve since updated the clues to use the new style – if the relevant log entries for a page on don’t look right for some reason, try reloading the page. And if they still don’t look right, please let me know.

Getting Better

The first contest entries are in! First-to-solve honors go to the following individuals:

The Local Challenge hasn’t been completed yet. If you’re in South Florida, you’ve still got a chance to be the first one to locate it.

Don’t forget that the contest runs through the end of March 2016. Everyone who completes one of the three Geodyssey challenges by then will be entered into a drawing to win their own copy of the book Puzzlecraft. Details are available on the Contest page.

Keep spreading the word, enjoy the puzzles, and good luck to the contestants!

Eric Peterson / ePeterso2
Chief Puzzlehead

Bonus Mini-Puzzle

What do the title of this post and bold-faced section headings (other than the heading of this section) in this message have in common?

[su_spoiler title=”Solution”]They’re all titles of songs on the album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”[/su_spoiler]

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