Geodyssey Update #3: Show Me the Money (or at Least the Cache)

Geodyssey Is Now a Geocache

The geocache version of Geodyssey (GC5CJ31) was just published. To find it, all you have to do is:

  1. Complete either the Local Challenge or theĀ RemoteĀ Challenge, and
  2. Visit South Florida.

If you’ve already solved one of those two challenges, please come back and log a find on the geocache! I’ll be moving the challenge travel bugs into that geocache for safe keeping.

New Contest Prizes

Thanks to the generosity of teamajk, who runs the Geocaching Puzzle of the Day site (which, if you like Geodyssey, you’ll love that site), winners of the Local and Remote Challenges will also receive a laser-etched solving pencil. Plus, any geocachers who complete one of those challenges will be eligible to win a GPOTD pathtag. Thanks, teamajk!

Facebook Group Now Open

If you want to connect with other Geodyssey fans, check out the new Puzzlehead group on Facebook. It’s an open public group, so there’s no waiting for membership approval. Here’s the link:

Local Challenge Solved

The Local Challenge has finally been solved! Congratulations to antimony13 and Floridafinder2 for being the first to the finish line!

Don’t forget that the contest runs through the end of March 2016. Everyone who completes one of the three Geodyssey challenges by then will be entered into a drawing to win their own copy of the book Puzzlecraft. Details are available on the Contest page.


Keep spreading the word, enjoy the puzzles, and good luck to the contestants!

Eric Peterson / ePeterso2
Chief Puzzlehead

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