Geodyssey Update #9: Important Announcement

Important Announcement

I’ve become increasingly convinced that Geodyssey is too easy to solve. There are far more contest entries and Found It logs and Discovered It notes than I ever anticipated, and I didn’t get anywhere near as many hint requests as I expected I would.

As a result, you have forced me to make this last minute, unannounced change to the contest rules:

If you submitted a contest entry to any of the three challenges (Local, Remote, or Hidden), you must now solve a new final puzzle or your contest entry will be disqualified.

Click here for the Final Final Puzzle


End of the Contest

To give you all time to satisfy this new requirement, I’m going to extend the window for accepting contest entries. The contest will now end on Friday, April 1 at exactly 11:59 PM on Howland Island. (That’s Sat Apr 2 at 6:59 AM for those in US Eastern time.)



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